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3″, 3.5″ & 4″ Rolled In Exhaust Trim, Slash Cut Bolt-On Tip

Regular Price £19.99 incl.VAT£26.99 incl.VAT

4 Inch Jap Style Exhaust Tip, Double Skinned, Slash Cut

Regular Price £39.99 incl.VAT£49.99 incl.VAT

4.5 Inch Blue Burnt Exhaust Tip, Burnt Blue Titanium Effect Tip

Regular Price £39.99 incl.VAT

45 Degree Exhaust Mandrel Bend T304 Stainless Steel

Regular Price £12.99 incl.VAT£24.99 incl.VAT

4mm 6mm 8mm Silicone Vacuum Hose Turbo Boost Tube

Regular Price £4.99 incl.VAT£14.99 incl.VAT

5 Inch OD Big Bore Exhaust Tailpipe, Stainless Steel Pipe Trim Tip

Regular Price £32.00 incl.VAT

6″ x 4″ Oval Chrome Exhaust Tailpipes

Regular Price £49.99 incl.VAT£59.99 incl.VAT

8mm Needle Mat Wadding E-Glass Packing

Regular Price £8.50 incl.VAT£22.50 incl.VAT
Out of stock

90 Degree Exhaust Mandrel Bend T304 Stainless Steel Elbows

Regular Price £13.99 incl.VAT£24.99 incl.VAT

Any size Exhaust Connector – Sizes from 76mm to 101mm

Regular Price £12.99 incl.VAT£20.99 incl.VAT

Any size Exhaust Joiner – Sizes from 38mm to 76mm

Regular Price £8.99 incl.VAT£14.99 incl.VAT

Audi A3 & Sportback 1.6 FSi Replacement Exhaust Gasket Downpipe to Cat CEG83

Regular Price £3.75 incl.VAT

Back Box Delete Y Section Divider, For Mk5 Golf R32 Rear Bumper Conversion

Regular Price £65.00 incl.VATOn sale price £50.00 incl.VAT

Bespoke Stainless Exhaust Joint

Regular Price £19.99 incl.VAT£49.99 incl.VAT

Black Flexible 3 inch Cold Air Feed Ducting Pipe Hose

Regular Price £9.99 incl.VATOn sale price £6.99 incl.VAT
Out of stock

BMW E30 325 Exhaust Backbox Hanger, Bracket Mounts

Regular Price £15.00 incl.VAT

BMW E36 316 Backbox Exhaust Bracket

Regular Price £12.00 incl.VAT

BMW Mini Cooper/ Mini One Exhaust Hanger, Band Bracket (FITS: BMW)

Regular Price £13.00 incl.VAT