Mid Exhaust Section is typically the longest section of the exhaust, starting from after the exhaust downpipe – after the cat, stretching up to the rear axle of the vehicle.
The midsection of the exhaust is where you could find the secondary catalytic converter (if it isn’t part of the front section of the exhaust), primary mid silencer, middle boxes, exhaust dividers such as Y pipes, H pipes and X pipes.It is the first place we would look to reduce any droning sound (exhaust drone) that can be heard in the cabin and the first area we would look to implement a valve system. If we are making a custom resonated valved exhaust system, we would look at the midsection, before the middle resonator for space. That way the valved system will pass by the mid resonator to the exhaust backboxes. On the newer cars, the middle section of the exhaust can consist of a GPF/OPF (gasoline particulate filter). These can sometimes have a pre-sensor that will need to be taken in to account for.
There is no one set kind of structure to the midsection, it all varies. For example, on a V engine you could see a dual exhaust with two downpipes, 2 cats, 2 midsections all the way to dual rear. On some cars you will find an X pipe divider which usually is implemented in the middle section of the exhaust. Some vehicles will have single pipe running along from front to back. Some diesel vehicles won’t have a mid-box at all; after the downpipe the middle section may have a secondary catalytic converter in place or just straight through pipe work till the rear. Bottom line here is that there are many different structures we have encountered in the middle part of the exhaust and many things we can do in this section.
Why is a secondary cat used? A secondary cat can be put in to place as a precaution, to catch anything the primary catalytic converter has let through.
Our mid exhaust boxes can be used to quieten the exhaust, or even enhance the sound of the exhaust. It all comes down to the dimensions of the boxes put in place in order to achieve what you require. You may have heard us use the term, mid-box-delete, this is usually advised when you are looking to enhance the sound.
The exhaust divider components are used for the gas flow and they each have their own roles.
Our Y pipes are used to distribute exhaust gasses equally. Some exhaust setups will be single then divided in to two sections of the exhaust and some will be dual at the front and then coming in to single in the middle. In short, a Y pipe will convert a single in to dual system or a dual in to a single and distribute the gas flow equally.
Our X pipe dividers are put in to place to change the tone of the vehicle -not necessarily making the exhaust quieter or louder rather. It causes the exhaust gasses to clash and merge gradually, swirling at the centre of the X pipe. This causes a sort of turbulence but not in a negative kind of way. Many V6 an V8 engines have X pipe dividers as well as many dual systems.

An h pipe is used to cause the type of turbulence that will slow the exhaust gasses down, creating back-pressure. This kind of back pressure will aid in dampening the sound of the vehicle. You can understand this as ‘cutting someone off in traffic’. The exhaust gas flow will be running smoothly till it hits a h pipe making almost a sudden merge into a single pipe, creating a hesitation in the flow which results into a dampening effect.

The midsection is also an area where exhaust manufacturers will look to reduce an exhaust drone. Anti drone systems are also implemented from the mid exhaust section. There are many possible ways to get rid of a drone however for this we will need to do an exhaust inspection before we can advise the routes to take.

MIJ Exhaust are here for your exhaust needs, whether if it’s just a simple repair job or a custom job, get in touch with us and we will do our best to help and to advise. We do require your vehicle at our premises in Walsall, West Midlands in order to manufacture & fit the system.As a guide it should take no longer than 3 -4 hours to build & fit the system to your vehicle.If you choose to wait with your car, we have a customer lounge with refreshments, TV, as well as internet access. We are also only a few minutes’ walk from the city centre should you decide to go shopping, watch a movie etc. whilst we work on your car.

Having a custom built exhaust system from MIJ has its benefits.You can tell us how you would like the new exhaust to sound, which can be fabricated to sound from quiet to full sport. Our most popular choice is a mid-sport setup as this gives the best of both worlds, non-intrusive but achieves a sporty tone upon applying the throttle. All our systems are free-flowing which can increase the performance and efficiency of your car. We also offer a lifetime guarantee with all our custom built exhaust systems giving you added peace of mind.

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