What is a mandrel bent exhaust system?

If you have a performance sports vehicle, more than likely you will know what a mandrel bent exhaust system is. A mandrel bend exhaust system uses mandrel bends where ever a bend is needed within the exhaust. A mandrel bend, in comparison to a regular machine bend, maintains the same inner diameter throughout the part. This is very important and an integral part to any high-end performing sports vehicle.

A size of a mandrel bent exhaust will remain constant throughout the system, which helps to maintain the velocity at which the exhaust gasses are expelled out the exhaust. If the exhaust velocity is maintained, it helps the engine scavenging process to occur better.

The Scavenging process can be a complex process but we will keep it brief to help you understand how a mandrel bent system can benefit the engine.  This process replaces exhaust gasses that go through the cylinder of an internal combustion engine with a mixture of fresh air or fuel (depending on the engine) for the next cycle.

The four-stroke cycle to a typical engine is:  Intake, Compression, Power and Exhaust.

Looking at the exhaust side of things, whenever the exhaust valve opens to let the exhaust gasses out of the engine, through the manifold in to the downpipe and through the exhaust system; It creates a vacuum to draw in air on the intake stroke. A well-built mandrel bent system will ensure that the gasses are expelled out smoothly and quickly without any restrictions or back pressure to the flow, creating a better vacuum in the engine. This will then mean that the engine can produce more torque/more horsepower and of course, the more horsepower the car has, the faster it will be able to go.

Key Benefits of Mandrel Bent Systems

  • Maintaining consistent inner diameter of exhaust systems
  • Maintain exhaust velocity
  • Improved the scavenging process
  • No unwanted back pressure
  • Produce more horsepower torque

In short, a mandrel bent exhaust system will produce more BHP and torque over a regular bent system.

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