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MIJ Team,
Well I want to start off with saying, WOW what an amazing service you guys provide, we arrived on Saturday morning to have our custom stainless exhaust made and fitted for our Mitsubishi Lancer GS4, the whole team was very nice very welcoming and very polite, which seems to be dying off in this world these days so what a nice experience to have.

I started to have a struggle to find an off the shelf exhaust for my Japanese car, even though it’s a UK car no body seems to stock or is able to get hold of an exhaust for my car. The other option I had was to buy direct from Japan but after the purchase, shipping costs it was just not worth it and it would have still been a mild steel system which would last 5 mins.

I almost gave up then after a very short internet search I came across MIJ, thank goodness I did.

Looking at the work MIJ done to our car is fantastic, the quality of the exhaust is as good as or if not better than some off the shelf systems. The welds are very neat and professional, I advised MIJ what sort of sound I was looking for and the tail pipe tip and you guys got it spot on!
Not to mention the price! It was amazing and a lot cheaper than buying a standard steel exhaust.

After my fantastic experience at MIJ with the staff and the service I would recommend MIJ to anyone looking for a SS exhaust, in fact I have more cars that need an exhaust system soon and there is only one place I will be heading to ……… MIJ. If anyone is unsure about custom made exhausts, then done be! Its far better than any standard system, cheaper and better looking you cant go wrong.

Well done Team MIJ and many thanks again and I will be seeing you guys again very soon!


Dear The MIJ Team,
I am just writing to you to inform you about how happy I am with the custom exhaust you fitted onto my Ford Fiesta. The staff at MIJ are so kind and legit. On arrival I was asked if I wanted a drink then booked my car in. Before I even sat down my car was on the ramp and waiting for me to go and tell the mechanic what sort of system I wanted. After telling you what sound and what pipes I wanted I went in to town. Telling me it will be about 2 hours time of work. After wondering around town I came back to the garage where my car was ready for collection. I paid, thanked everyone and set off back to Telford.

I am so happy with the end result. It isn’t too loud when I’m cruising (which is what I wanted due to travelling a lot of the motorway) yet when I put my foot down it makes just the right sound. Again thank you so much! Any Ford friends looking for a custom exhaust will definitely be sent your way.

George ????

Jason S

Hi Jay,
I am writing to say that it was a very pleasant experience dealing with the company. I am now back up in Scotland and very happy with my new custom built back box, it looks great and sounds great. I am very impressed with the work and professionalism carried out by your employees, the work done is of a very high standard.

As for the customer service it was second to none and the woman at the reception was very polite, helpful and kind. I would most definitely use your services again and recommend your company to others in a heartbeat. If I would need anymore work or improvements done to my car then I would happily make the journey again, also thank you for noticing the corrosion of the clamp on the exhaust and replacing it and fixing it at no extra cost, was very kind and thoughtful of you.

Send my praise and compliments on to your employees also who were doing the work on my car, they have done a fantastic job.
Yours truly


Hi Jay,

Just to say a big thank you to all the guys up there, (including the very friendly lady on the counter), for your professional and courteous service, (sorry never got your names). After leaving a 4:30 am for a 3.5 + hour drive up to your workshop, I was welcomed by the first mechanic in and offered refreshments  as soon as the exhaust guy was in, my car was put straight up on the ramp and my requirements sought on the type of system required, in my case a midsport, then informed of any options additions, which were agreed and sorted.

A couple of pleasant hours later, my old Mondeo was presented back with a very tasty looking exhaust very neatly protruding from the rear! A look on the ramp was offered, but as the workshop is in full view from the waiting area, not needed as every time I glanced through a flurry of activity was around and the work was carried out professionally and with care, so not needed in my case as I trust the work you have done. And as I work with motorcycle exhaust systems incorporating formula 1 technology, I know when someone is welding correctly, and also know that purge welding is not applicable when custom fitting on the vehicle.

First thoughts were, abit quiet for a midsport system, but after the 3.5 + hour journey back (actually took less than that), it developed its true sound, very nice tone and quiet when light cruising, and tastefully fruity when upping the pace, just what was required
The journey back was, and I must say in all honesty, very noticeable gains, with better responsiveness on the throttle, with the added bonus of better MPG (yes I did a comparison up and back), and I finally felt the 2.0L Zetec’s potential with the old restrictive cat back system taken off and the great quality free flowing MIJ system in place.

I honestly thought it may just be a better system with a lifetime warranty that would let the car run cooler and might make a difference, well to my pleasant surprise, it does run cooler, more efficiently, more responsively and with a great tone too! Add in the better MGP, lifetime warranty and look ! A great package.

So in conclusion, a journey well worth completing with over 425 miles covered, plenty of time and distance to test the system, with a feeling of money well spent. I researched all the options (forums, web etc), and MIJ came out on top, and how glad I am that I did.
A great product and service at a great price!! Thank you all at MIJ I’ll be recommending you to all.

Best regards
(motorcycle dyno technician)



Just wanted to say Thank you for the incredible service and exhaust you supplied.
You managed to fit me in at short notice as I was traveling back home to Southern Ireland in a few days.
As for the exhaust it is perfect and exactly what I wanted for noise.