Exhaust Inspection And Diagnostic

We carry out an exhaust inspection and diagnostic before any work takes place. This allows us to understand the condition of the current system and underline any issues before we take any action.

We position and elevate the vehicle on an exhaust ramp, do a walk through with you, inspect the exhaust, thereafter we can provide solutions and expert advice on the best way to move forward or how to fix the issue (if there is any).

This is not just a courtesy measure on our behalf but we appreciate that your vehicle is important to you, therefore it is crucial for you to be aware of the condition of your exhaust.

It is imperative to understand that we will be carrying out work such as, welding, to the existing system and at times the existing system has deteriorated to an extent where additional work may need to be carried out. This inspection allows us to recognise any of these issues to avoid any nasty surprises. We cannot guarantee our work if we are working against a failing or deteriorated mild steel or low-grade stainless-steel exhaust.

There is a minor charge for this service however, if you proceed to have any exhaust work carried out by us after this inspection, then that fee would be taken off the final price you are quoted for the job.

By running an inspection and diagnostics, it will highlight any weak points that you may not be aware of and it gives us the confidence in the guarantee that we provide to our customers.

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