Where to Buy Exhaust Tips from UK Suppliers?

MIJ Exhaust supplies a wide range of tailpipes to suit your needs. Browse our Online Exhaust Shop for full details. Whether you are looking for universal stainless steel exhaust tips or car model specific tailpipes, we can help you out. Our comprehensive selection of single and twin pipe exhausts should have you covered. We also stock a selection of chrome exhaust tips, as well as titanium effect exhaust tips. If you are unsure whether any of our tailpipes will fit your vehicle, please contact us for more information.

Are Tailpipes and Tips the same thing?

To avoid confusion, exhaust tailpipes are often called exhaust tips. You will find, both here and elsewhere, these terms are used interchangeably.

What Does the Exhaust Tailpipe Do?

Situated at the very end of the vehicle combustion system, the rear tail pipe ensures all exhaust gas emissions are funnelled under the car and released as safely as possible.

Are Exhaust Tailpipes Necessary?

It is not safe to drive without a tailpipe. Without suitable exhaust pipes a vehicle will not pass an M.O.T and so it will not be legal to drive. We always recommend professional fitting for safety purposes.

Buy with confidence from a well established exhaust manufacturer!

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3 Inch Exhaust T Pipe, Stainless Steel Exhaust Pipe

Regular Price £13.99 incl.VAT

3.5 Inch Dual Exhaust Square Tips, Double Skinned, T304 Stainless Steel

Regular Price £45.00 incl.VAT

3.5 Inch Twin Pipe Exhaust, Stainless Steel Slash Cut Tips

Regular Price £69.00 incl.VAT

3.5″ Blue Dual Exhaust Tips, Stainless Steel Sports Trim

Regular Price £70.00 incl.VAT

3.5″ Twin Black Exhaust Tips, Chrome, RIGHT HAND SIDE

Regular Price £70.00 incl.VAT

3.5” Twin Pipe Exhaust, Slash Cut, Double Skinned

Regular Price £55.00 incl.VAT

3″, 3.5″ & 4″ Rolled In Exhaust Trim, Slash Cut Bolt-On Tip

Regular Price £19.99 incl.VAT£26.99 incl.VAT

4 Inch Jap Style Exhaust Tip, Double Skinned, Slash Cut

Regular Price £39.99 incl.VAT£49.99 incl.VAT

4.5 Inch Burnt Blue Exhaust Tip, Blue Titanium Finish Tips

Regular Price £39.99 incl.VAT

5 Inch OD Tailpipe, 5 Inch Big Bore Exhaust Tips

Regular Price £32.00 incl.VAT

6″ x 4″ Oval Exhaust Tip, Black or Silver Finish

Regular Price £49.99 incl.VAT£59.99 incl.VAT

AMG Style: Pair of 3.5″ Twin Exhaust Tips

Regular Price £135.00 incl.VATOn sale price £120.00 incl.VAT

Exhaust Components: Dual Oval Stainless Steel Exhaust Pipe

Regular Price £39.00 incl.VAT

Exhaust System Parts: Single Short Oval Tube Exhaust Tip

Regular Price £29.00 incl.VAT
Out of stock

Left Angled Oval Stainless Steel Tail Trim, Bolt On Fitting

Regular Price £45.00 incl.VAT

Mercedes S Class AMG Exhaust Twin Tailpipes, LEFT and RIGHT Side Exhaust

Regular Price £295.00 incl.VATOn sale price £220.00 incl.VAT
Out of stock

Mercedes, Audi, VW, Range Rover Square Exhaust Tips: Pair of Dual Pipes

Regular Price £149.99 incl.VAT

Oval Exhaust Rear Pipe, Black Chrome, Quality Stainless Tip

Regular Price £59.99 incl.VAT