Our Rear Exhaust section typically starts before the axle in to the rear boxes and ending with tailpipes. Some vehicles have the exhaust over the axle and some under. The lengths and set-up of both are different, some over axle exhaust jobs are in a trickly tight space and require the exhaust pipe to be bent to certain angles and degrees.
Generally, the rear of the exhaust is always larger than the mid-section. This means a backbox delete will hold more of a sound dampening element compared to a midbox delete. Similarly, if the sound of the exhaust is too loud and you wish to add an exhaust resonator to the system, we would look at the rear of the exhaust, replacing the current rear box to a larger box or adding a resonator at the rear first.
Typically, a rear section of the exhaust is where you would find pipework under or over the axle, then either a single pipe consisting of a rear exhaust box and a tail pipe or the pipe will split using a Y pipe divider in to two and you would find dual rear boxes with tail pipes on either side of the vehicle. You may have also seen tail pipes coming out from the middle of the vehicle – in this case the rear exhaust would typically be bent around the body of the vehicle and exit from the middle.
It is pretty straight forward to replace the standard OEM exhaust to our free-flowing exhaust, however when modifying the rear section of the exhaust in size or even in setup (example converting a single to a twin) there are a few pointers that must be considered, for example, the space available, positions of the hangers and brackets, some vehicles have a battery box placed at the rear and some a wheel etc. Another main factor to consider when modifying the rear section of the exhaust is the alignment of the tips in the bumper cut out that is already there.
A popular service we offer is a backbox delete, where the exhaust rear box(es) are removed and replaced with straight pipework with a tail pipe of choice.
Another popular service we offer is converting a single exit exhaust (where the tail pipe is exiting the car on one side of the vehicle) in to a dual exit exhaust (where the tail pipe is exiting the car on both sides of the vehicle). For this particular job we would need to inspect the vehicle first to ensure that it can be done on your vehicle.

MIJ Exhaust are here for your exhaust needs, whether if it’s just a simple repair job or a custom job, get in touch with us and we will do our best to help and to advise. We do require your vehicle at our premises in Walsall, West Midlands in order to manufacture & fit the system.As a guide it should take no longer than 3 -4 hours to build & fit the system to your vehicle.If you choose to wait with your car, we have a customer lounge with refreshments, TV, as well as internet access. We are also only a few minutes’ walk from the city centre should you decide to go shopping, watch a movie etc. whilst we work on your car.

Having a custom built exhaust system from MIJ has its benefits.You can tell us how you would like the new exhaust to sound, which can be fabricated to sound from quiet to full sport. Our most popular choice is a mid-sport setup as this gives the best of both worlds, non-intrusive but achieves a sporty tone upon applying the throttle.All our systems are free-flowing which can increase the performance and efficiency of your car.We also offer a lifetime guarantee with all our custom built exhaust systems giving you added peace of mind.You can give us a call on 01922 645646 or fill out the quote form for your customised quote.