Exhaust Flexi Pipe Repair

Our flexible exhaust pipes are made with ILOK interlocked stainless steel (internal corrugated stainless steel. These exhaust flexi pipes are all fully lined.

Exhaust Flexi Pipe Repair Cost

Save money replacing your old, worn out or broken exhaust front pipe with a car exhaust flexi pipe repair.

Universal Exhaust Flexi Pipe: Suitable for all Makes and Models

Our weld-on flexi pipes are universal and most garages will fit one for you.

Our clamp-on exhaust flexi pipes are also universal and very easy to install. Simply slide the clamp-on ends over your existing pipes, and clamp tightly together.

Flexi Exhaust Pipe: Other Benefits

Exhaust flexi pipe can also absorb sound and vibration.

As well as being used for exhaust repairs, flexi pipe is designed as a modification/ enhancement for your sports exhaust.

Made from T304 stainless steel & can withstand temperatures of over 700 degrees.

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Inter Lock Exhaust Flex Joints (Weld On)

Regular Price £12.00 incl.VAT£20.00 incl.VAT

Interlock Exhaust Flexi Repair (Clamp-On)

Regular Price £13.00 incl.VAT£26.00 incl.VAT