We offer standard replacement catalytic converters for all vehicles whether it is a single or twin catalyst setup. We also specialise in hi-flow sports cats for the ultimate aftermarket upgrade. All catalysts are manufactured using the highest quality material including high-grade T316 welding.

All our standard replacement catalytic converters are fitted in conjunction with you existing exhaust system. Our replacement catalyst and de-cats will replace the old catalyst on your vehicle, and ensure that your vehicles emissions are compliant with UK regulations.


Catalytic converters being stolen is nothing new, but unfortunately the frequency of these events has increased in recent years. Within the first three months of 2021 the West Midlands had 412 recorded incidents of Catalytic Converter thefts, that figure is more than the whole of 2019 put together and the situation does not seem to be getting any better. With the police having so little to work with and crimes being committed from start to finish within 60 seconds the possibilities of catching a CAT thief is fairly thin.

MIJ was involved in the research and development for the Catalytic Converter Inhibition Systems and in the past we have given funding, for University Research to seek solutions for environmentally friendly exhaust systems. With the price of precious metals soaring through the roof and hybrid vehicles roaming the streets your catalytic converter is a jackpot for these ‘gone in 60 seconds’ criminals.

We cannot guarantee that your catalytic converter is safe but if you are ever unlucky enough to be a victim of such a crime we do have solutions that wont empty your entire bank balance and make you feel like you’ve been robbed all over again.

Understanding that a Catalytic converter is situated on the exhaust system of your vehicle, its main purpose is to allow your vehicle to be emissions compliant by filtering out as many of the harmful gases that your combustion engine produces. Apart from the obvious fact that the sound of your vehicle will be a lot louder once a catalytic converter has been removed (also will allow the engine to breath freely and increase the performance of your motor, for the petrol heads ?) upon inspection at your MOT it will fail on emissions. For this reason, you cannot just replace the stolen CAT with a straight pipe, ideally you will need to replace a CAT for a CAT.

Our in house fabricated Catalytic Converters made specific for each vehicle work an absolute treat, they are however high flow sports CATS, which means they do not have the fancy precious metals integrated within the system and are visually recognisable as ‘worthless’ items for a CAT thief! they have a 200 cell bore and are EURO 5 COMPLIANT, apart from the fact that the price of these items will be a fraction of that in which your dealership will quote you and also not forgetting the fact that they will allow your vehicle to perform slightly better than it did with your original cat that for the purpose of this blog, has been stolen. They are no different in terms of there purpose and functionality, because of the rise in cases, fortunately we have been able to help hundreds of people to save money and pass MOT, our goal is really as simple as that.

Things that we look out for upon diagnostics and inspection

  1. Has your CAT actually been stolen
  2. Is it a Primary CAT or a secondary CAT
  3. How clean was the crime?
  4. What materials need to be used
  5. Have the criminals left your Oxygen-lambda-O2 sensors in tact

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