Big Bore Exhaust and Exhaust Systems:

Increasing the bore size of your exhaust is one way to achieve better performance from your vehicle. In simple terms a big bore exhaust means that you replace the standard bore exhaust system with a larger size bore.  However, there is a lot more depth to this subject and it can differ from car to car.

Our main objective is to improve the scavenging process that occurs within the combustion chamber. There are 4 strokes to an engine cycle and our concern is of the final stroke, the exhaust stroke. Here we want to increase the flow of exhaust gases by any means necessary but still allow for exhaust pulses and the velocity at which gases leave the muffler to be consistent and best suited for your specific vehicle.

MIJ is at the forefront of exhaust fabrication technology, and we are always looking for ways to construct a system that will benefit a vehicle’s performance in terms of horsepower and torque.

Please get in touch to talk about the best options we can implement on your build.