Summer Giveaway 2023

The giveaway is being run by MIJ Exhaust LTD 207 Pleck Road, Walsall, WS2 9EX MIJ Exhaust are giving away a free full exhaust system* that we will personally fit ourselves. To win all you have to do is; Follow our Instagram page @mijperformanceexhausts Share the instagram post to your story and dont forget

Our work with Car SOS

MIJ Exhaust supporting CAR SOS in restoring the classic Fiat Spider   MIJ Exhaust LTD were seen on the British automotive entertainment television series, CAR SOS. We were described as the ‘temple of tailpipe dom’, working with stainless steel and carbon fibre parts and the place that offers solutions to all your silencing needs 😀

Summer Car Event 2023

MIJ Exhaust is about to take the industry to the next level. We are collaborating with the team at Pull-Up Party and the team at Minds Eye Development for this event and it will be one of the best car meets this year, recorded in the west midlands district! You can expect, food, drinks, live

BMW M3 F28

This stunning BMW M3 came in to have a custom bigger bore exhaust made by us. Although this fifth generation M3 is already a much high performing version of the BMW 3 series and the F80 series has many striking features and characteristics; our client wanted more, so we gave him exactly that and turned

Blow of Flexi

A customer bought in his Nissan Navara as it wasn’t quiet working right. Just by hearing the exhaust we immediately knew that there was blow somewhere in the exhaust, so we put the car up on the vehicle ramp and began inspection. We noticed the blow was coming from the front of the vehicle at

Rear exhaust conversion on a BMW 520D

We had a booking for a BMW 520D. The vehicles owner had requested for his vehicle to sound louder. An important note to keep in mind is, due to the combustion characteristics although diesel engines may be louder, the sound produced through the exhaust system is much quieter and not as straight forward to increase.

Own a Lexus SC430?

We had Lexus SC430 bought in to us, to have the exhaust modified so it would be quieter as the current exhaust system was far too loud for the vehicles owner. When we put the car up on the exhaust ramp, we noticed something strange with the exhaust. The old exhaust was a ‘dual exit