Exhaust Hanging Bracket Muffler Band

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Easy to install hanger for exhaust mufflers

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These Exhaust Hanging Bracket Muffler Band are used to fit around an exhaust box to easily attach it to the vehicle.

It is an alternative and easy way to hang the exhaust box to the system rather than welding on a bracket bar to the pipe work.



Band Width: approximately 1″

Material: Stainless Steel

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The Exhaust Hanging Bracket Muffler bar comes with the hanger is threaded and can be adjusted slightly to your fitment.

The sizes are approximate and the hanger can be shaped around the  box. You can use the side bolt to adjust the bracket to the body of the box.

Pictures are for illustration purposes and may vary slightly.


Fitment:  These brackets are in stainless steel and are universal hangers – this means that it will fit any part that is the same dimensions.


MIJ had introduced these a few years back and they became so popular that we were completely sold out within months. We have now bought these back!

These are very simple and easy to use and you can save yourselves £££’s from not having to replace the whole section just over a hanger.


These hangers will fit around our universal boxes. See our shop to view other exhaust boxes.


Buy with confidence from a well established exhaust manufacturer.


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Oval, Round


10" x 5", 4", 5", 6", 8" x 5"