Flexible Exhaust Hanging Strap for Kit Car

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Bracket: Will Fit Pipes with 45mm – 60mm Diameter

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This is a hanging strap for a kit car. It has a flexible strip joining the strap to the bracket and can swivel, providing you with flexibility with your fitment. The strap has multiple perforated holes so it can be bolted as required.

While most mounts are car specific, you can get some ‘universal’ fitting hangers. This hanger is universal, which means it isn’t car specific and can fit several makes and models.



Bracket: Will Fit Pipes with 45mm – 60mm Diameter.

Length of strap: 8”/200mm

Width of strap: 1”

Wall thickness of strap: 2mm

Diameter of holes: 1cm

Total length: 11.5″/290mm


Sizes are approximate

Pictures are for illustration purposes only.


We cannot advise which cars these will it, however we try to provide as much information as we can. If you require more information, then please do not hesitate to contact us.


Exhaust Mounts can typically last a long time; however, they do need to be inspected and replaced overtime. A faulty or a weak hanger can result in your system being damaged. Replace it with our high quality, strengthened product.


Buy with confidence from a well-established exhaust manufacturer!! 

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