We have been in the automotive industry since the early 90’s. We are the leaders of custom exhaust fabrication in stainless steel and quite possibly have had the pleasure to work on almost every vehicle brand and model you can name. Working on high end classic collectible vehicles to 6 second street legal quarter mile beasts, the passion we have for this industry runs deep. We take pride in what we do and have had the privilege to carry exhaust work on vehicles bought to us from all over the United Kingdom and Europe.

We are always coming up with new ideas and ways to achieve greatness. Our business is split up into three sectors; custom in-house exhaust fabrication, R&D department and online sales for parts and direct fit systems. We have quite possibly the largest exhaust fabrication workshop for as far as the eye can see, you will not find anything quite like MIJ Exhaust. Paying us a visit will allow you to understand the dynamics of our workspace and the attitude we have towards reaching targets and maintaining 100% customer satisfaction at all times.

Over the years MIJ has become more renowned for its products, our selection of exhaust systems, bolt-on parts, and accessories are of the highest standard.

Our work stretches far across the globe, with orders for custom items being placed from all over the world. Our type of work varies but the quality stays consistent throughout every assignment.

As well as the motorsport industry and your general car enthusiasts we also cater for the industrial industry, manufacturing various components for industrial machinery all fabricated within our high-tech facility based in the West Midlands.

As a 21st century business we understand the needs of our customers. We are aware that some of our customers lead a highly pressurised work life and to relieve this pressure we have a full in-house working facility so you can remain in touch with your daily work life. We offer access to the internet and even a private room where you can conduct your important business while you wait for your vehicle.

Some of MIJ Performance facility features:
• 22,000+ Sq. Ft. Car Park
• Exhaust Fitting Bay
• Full Fabrication Facility
• Workshop Viewing Area
• Customer Waiting Area
• Snacks/Refreshments
• Wireless internet access while you wait
• Wide Screen TV with Freeview channels

The future is bright for us and can be for you too. We have aims of hosting automotive events like we have already done in the past, raffles lined up for exciting prizes and coupons to gain access to vehicle related services and products. Who knows what’s around the corner, what we do know is that this is an exciting journey for all who are involved.

MIJ was involved in the research and development for the Catalytic Converter Inhibition Systems. MIJ was and still is very hopeful in discovering an environmentally friendly system which can reduce extremely harmful pollutants, gases, by products via the Catalytic process fitted into the MIJ exhaust systems.

In the past we have given funding, for University Research to seek solutions for environmentally friendly exhaust systems. Further we collaborate with major manufactures in the exhaust industry. We are highly committed in offering a very high-quality product to our customers. We are continuously at the forefront of cutting-edge technology in our industry.

As for our employees it is an exciting and challenging environment. MIJ believe in investing and training its current and future workforce. We have a robust management structure in place and our executive directors believe that all employees should freely develop and attain their full potential in the workplace. MIJ allows all workers to contribute to its success in a positive work environment.

Getting a free, no obligation quote from us could not be easier, whether it be for the full exhaust system or parts of the exhaust, standard exhaust parts or custom made parts to your requirements. You can simply submit your query via the quote form.