Universal Exhaust U – Bolt Clamp

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These clamps are called U bolt clamps, simply because they are in the shape of the letter U. It has 2 ends, both threaded, a plate and 2 bolts to fasten it in place. It is traditionally used to fit around pipes and bolt them in place. It is a quick and easy way  to securely fit two pipes together and to provide support.

Unscrew the bolts, remove the plate,

place U bolt around the pipe,

put the plate back on and ensure it fits around the pipe and fasten tightly with the bolts.

It is advised to use a fastening tool, such as a wrench or spanner to ensure a secure and tight fit.



Will fit around: over the pipe – measure the outer diameter pipe you wish to use the U bolt clamp around

Thread Size: M8 Thread and Bolt

Pictures are for illustration purposes only – the real clamp may be smaller or bigger depending on the size chosen and the ‘colour’ may vary slightly. The larger sizes may have more of a yellow finish.


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Standard Size Exhaust Sleeve, with 2 Pipe Clamps Included

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