Short Exhaust Adapter

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Small Mini Exhaust Pipe Adapters


Made from T304 Stainless Steel; Anti-Magnetic & Less Susceptible to Rust.

Exhaust joiner pipes made from high grade stainless steel. Strong enough to withstand high temperatures. As experts in the manufacture of premium stainless steel vehicle parts, we endorse their many benefits. These include quality, performance and longevity.  What’s more, stainless steel exhaust pipe connectors prove to be a cost-effective solution.

Do you have a crack or blow in the exhaust?

Do you simply want to connect two pipes together?

Instead of replacing the full exhaust, these exhaust joiners will save you ££’s!



You can see each short adapter sizes by choosing them from the drop down menus.


We also make custom size adapters, weld on adapters, clamp on connectors, you can choose various lengths too, click here to view more.


Buy with confidence from a well-established exhaust manufacturer.

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