Exhaust Rubber Mount CSM202 For RENAULT-Laguna 1.6i,1.8i,2.0i,3.0i,1.9i,2.2D




High Quality Rubber Mount 

A faulty or weak rubber can result in your system getting damaged. Replace it with our high quality strengthened product.

This item will only fit the cars stated below:

Laguna 1.6i Cat 16v Hatchback, Estate , Manual Transmission 1598cc (82 kW, 110 HP), Eng:K4M. OBD. 05/1998-02/2001 Laguna 1.8i Cat Hatchback, Estate , Manual Transmission 1794cc (69 kW, 95 HP), Eng: F3P. NOT OBD. 02/1994-02/2001 Laguna 1.8i Cat 16v Hatchback, Estate , Manual Transmission 1783cc (82/89 kW, 110/120 HP), Eng:F4P. NOT OBD. 04/1998-02/2001

Laguna 2.0i Cat 8v Hatchback, Estate 1998cc (83 kW, 112 HP), Eng:F3R. 04/1994-02/2001

Laguna 2.0i Cat 16v Hatchback, Estate , Manual Transmission 1998cc (104 kW, 140 HP), Eng:F4R. NOT OBD. 01/1999-02/2001

Laguna 3.0i Cat V6 Hatchback, Estate 2946cc (140 kW, 194 HP), Eng: L7X. NOT OBD. 05/1998-02/2001

Laguna 1.9dCi Cat Turbo Diesel Hatchback, Estate 1870cc (75 kW, 105 HP), Eng: F9Q. Euro 2. 07/1999-02/2001

Laguna 2.2D Cat Diesel Hatchback, Estate 2188cc (59 kW, 80 HP), Eng: G8T. 01/1994-04/1998

Safrane 2.0i Cat 12v Hatchback 1995cc (101 kW, 135 HP). 05/1992-03/1994

Safrane 2.0i Cat 8v Hatchback 1995cc (80 kW, 107 HP). 03/1994-10/1996

Safrane 2.0i Cat 16v Hatchback 1948cc (103 kW, 138 HP), Eng:N7Q. 10/1996-02/2001

Safrane 2.5i Cat Hatchback 2435cc (125 kW, 168 HP), Eng:N7U. NOT OBD. 10/1996-01/2000

Safrane 3.0i Cat Hatchback 2975cc (125 kW, 170 HP), Eng: V6. 05/1992-10/1996

Safrane 2.5TD Cat Turbo Diesel Hatchback 2499cc (83 kW, 113 HP). 03/1993-10/1996

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