Exhaust Rubber Hanger Mount SM72 For Ford Fiesta 1.1 1.3i 1.4i Replacement


Exhaust Mount Bracket Hanger


Exhaust Mount Bracket Hanger

Ford Fiesta 1.1  1.3i  1.4i

Replacement middle exhaust mount.

A faulty or weak hanger can result in your system getting damaged.Replace it with our high quality strengthened product.

Will fit the following:

Fiesta 1.1i Cat Hatchback  1990 – 1997

Fiesta 1.3i Cat Hatcthback  1991 – 1995

Fiesta 1.3i Cat Courier Van  1991 – 1995

Fiesta 1.4i Cat Hatchback  1990 – 1995

Fiesta 1.4i Ghia , Si Cat Hatchback  1994 – 1996

If you are not sure whether this product will fit your car,do not hesitate to contact us….

Other Mounts/Rubbers are also available.

We also specialise in catalytic converters (standard & hi-flow sports cats), decats (cats bypass),downpipes, flexi pipes, middle sections, rear section (backboxes) & all other parts. 

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