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Butt terminal crimp connectors are essential components in electrical work.

These Butt Connectors are high quality electrical connectors.

Crimp Butt Splice Terminals:
These tube-shaped connectors have two crimps for joining wires in-line.
Typically, they consist of a metal tube encased in an insulated covering.
Crimp butt splice terminals are used to change, lengthen, or repair conductors in an electrical circuit.
To attach them, you insert the stripped ends of two stranded wires into both ends of the terminal.
Then, a crimping tool is used to secure both ends, ensuring a tight connection between the wires.

These connectors serve two purposes:
Terminating wires: They provide a secure endpoint for wires.
Sealing wires: They protect against oxygen and moisture, preventing corrosion.

Feel free to explore various types of butt connectors available for your specific needs!


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Suitable for cables 1.5-3.0mm2

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