Back Box Delete Exhaust Y Pipe Divider, For Mk5 Golf R32 Rear Bumper

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Custom Back Box Delete Y Pipe Divider, for diesel engine Mk5 R32 rear bumper conversion

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Custom Back Box Delete Exhaust Y Pipe Divider

For Diesel Engine Mk5 R32 Rear Bumper Conversion – fits 1.9 2.0.

Comes with 1 U bolt clamp.

Use this on Golf GTI models to get the r32 look.

Please Note:

  • This won’t be a direct fit – modifications will be needed to the bumper.
  • Check the specifications prior to purchase – make sure if it will fit your vehicle.
  • The exhaust Y pipe divider comes with 1 U bolt clamp to ensure you can clamp it on to your existing pipe.
  • You will need to purchase the tips separately to finish off the look – we would recommend 3.5″ to 4″ round tips.

What is a Back Box Delete?

back box delete, also known as a muffler delete, is a common alteration for custom vehicle enthusiasts. It literally means the removal of the muffler, which absorbs sound, at the end of the exhaust line. The process is done for 2 main reasons; to increase volume and for cosmetic reasons. All other resonators and catalytic converters are left in-situ. A back box delete is legal in the UK, and will not affect your MOT. However, if the noise levels become excessive, this can lead to problems and any conversion must be carried out with consideration.


Single end: to fit over 2.25″ OD pipe, with slots and clamp

Twin end: 2″ OD

Overall length: 500 mm approx.

All sizes are approximate

Y pipe section for Mk5 r32 rear bumper conversion – precise finish and made of high grade stainless steel; they are less likely to rust and let you down. Heavy duty products from MIJ that will save you ££’s!

If you require a different size exhaust Y pipe divider, please get in touch and we will do our best to help. We make these in house, and so we can make other sizes too. If you require a particular size/ length, drop us a message.

Buy with confidence from a well-established exhaust manufacturer.