First Step

For all our exhaust pipework we use T304 stainless steel. The pipe’s are placed in our bending machine which our highly skilled technical engineers precision bend the pipework to your vehicles specific requirements. All the mathematical calculation measurements are taken throughout the process by our principal engineers to ensure perfect fitting to your vehicle.


Second Step

We use the only highest quality TIG welding available in the market because it benefits our customers from superior quality welds and the precision of the welds can be controlled with low distortion resulting in a high quality finished product. Which maintains a genuine styled discrete look.


Third Step

Our highly qualified technical engineers bring the TIG welded pipework, the resonator (middle box) and the rear muffler (back box) together. All the relevant sections are coordinated together to develop a precisely engineered exhaust system to precisely fit your vehicle.


Fourth Step

Once the exhaust system is completed our principle engineers carefully check the axial co-ordinations and alignments against your vehicle to ensure a perfect fit of your new T304 stainless steel system. The technical coordinator then double checks the configuration to ensure an exact weight distribution of the system.


Fifth Step

At the final stage the T304 stainless steel exhaust system is fitted by our highly skilled exhaust fitters. This process involves TIG welding of the brackets, alignment of the stainless steel tailpipes and an emission leakages and sound check.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

You are more than welcome to get in touch with us, but to help you make a an informed decision on your exhaust system.
  • Does your guarantee/warranty cover my exhaust system?

    All our fitted exhaust systems are covered by a liftetime anti-corrosion guarantee/warranty. Further we provide a 24 month manufacturing fault guarantee/warranty subject to MIJ terms and conditions. If any modifications are made to our product after it has been fitted in our workshop – for example, the use of Nitrous Oxide (NOS), damaged caused by physical impact of any kind including impact with speed restriction bumps etc. If this applies to any of our existing customers then our aftersales support and customer service will look into each case on an individual basis.

  • Do you provide a full fitting facility of the exhaust?

    We provide a full in-house fitting service, by appointment only. All fitting work is carried by our highly skilled exhaust fitters. If you require this service please contact us.

  • How do I maintain and clean my exhaust system?

    MIJ stainless steel exhaust systems should be washed with a suitable cleaning product and rinsed with plenty of warm water. Do not use brushes or scourers to clean the pipework, as this will only scratch the surface and increase the effort it takes to polish the product. Remove the suface debree/soot from the specified areas of the exhaust system, we recommend that you use an old rag first to remove the debree/soot and then use the polish to get your exhaust/tailpipes sparkling again. Further minor scratches and marks can be machine polished out to return the exhaust system back to a new finish. To arrange this contact us, if required.

  • Can I buy individual exhaust sections for my vehicle?

    Yes, you can mix and match whatever your requirements are. We will be more than happy to carry out a visual inspection to verify what is the most cost-effective route for yourself. If you decide to buy a section of our exhaust system and certain section from another supplier we still be more than happy to fit these to your requirements… We leave the final decision to yourself.

  • What is the role of the resonator (middle-box)?

    A resonator is a chamber that contains a specific volume of air which is designed to cancel out certain frequencies of sound produced by the engine and therefore inturn the exhaust note is quiter. The standard factory (OEM) resonator does a good job at reducing the noise, but since the OEM resonator has multiple chambers and flow barriers (baffled) this presents a restriction and makes the system less effective in expelling harmful gases.

    Our in-house alternative resonator:
    Our in-house resonator is manufactured using glass fibres as fillers which are high density. Our resonator uses a more conventional absorbtion technique to get rid of the noise and also allows a free-flow (non baffled) of gases. We also have the abilty to engineer and manufacture a straight run (non-resonated) of exhaust pipe in place of the resonator. Both our alternatives will give a noticable performance increase over the standard (OEM) setup.

  • Can you explain a resonated and non-resonated exhaust system?

    A resonated exhaust system will give you extra performance without increasing the exhaust noise whereas a non-resonated will give you extra performance and a louder exhaust note.

  • What if I damage a section or particular part of the exhaust system?

    Depending on how the damage was caused and which particular section of the exhaust system is affected, we would be more than happy to have a look and assess the damage caused to the system for free and if its covered under the guarantee/warranty then we will replace the neccessary parts for free. If the damage is not covered under the guarantee/warranty you will be charged for the particular damaged section.

  • Does my car need modification your stainless steel exhaust system?

    No modification will be required. Our exhaust system will be a direct replacement of your system. There may be some vehicles that may require a slight adjustments such as, rear valance alteration to suit the your selected style of tailpipe(s), brackets and also rubber mounts which hold the system in place. But you will be informed prior to this work being carried out, if required.

  • Will I get a noticable power gain with your exhaust system?

    Yes, you will definately gain power over the standard (OEM) figure depending on what kind of exhaust system you decide to choose. We will provide all the neccessary technical information to assist you in making an informed decision which will be cost-effective and beneficial for you and your vehicle.

  • Is it legal to de-cat my car?

    It is illegal to de-cat any vehicles registered after 1993 because it will fail an emmisions test. This does not comply to any vehicles registered before 1993.

  • What is a Valved Back Box?

    A Valved Back box is similar to a standard back box system but it host two separate channels in which the exhaust gases can flow. When the valve is closed the exhaust gases are directed through channel one, which has a perforated pipe running through a wadding material similar to that of a high flow performance resonator. This passage helps the sound dampening process to be efficient but still free flowing. When the valve is open, the exhaust gases are able to take the easiest route out of the system through a straight piped chamber with zero restriction or sound dampening material.

  • Can I have the exhaust sound the way I want it, e.g a sporty sound but not one that so loud that it annoys other people?

    Yes, you can choose the type of sound you want from your exhaust whether it is high pitch or low pitch exhaust note. Our exhaust systems are uniquely engineered to give you the maximum performance and drivability while at the same time maintain a responsible noise level to your satisfaction. We aim to engineer quality exhaust systems to appeal to all levels. The way our principal engineers control this is by offering resonated and non-resonated exhaust setup.


Whether it be a simple repair job, a replacement exhaust, or an exhaust upgrade, having a guideline price is always handy and helpful in setting your budget. There are many variations and styles of exhaust that can be implemented and almost every vehicle has a different exhaust setup, so it isn’t possible to provide prices for every variation. However, we have set some guideline prices for simple exhaust fabrication. For a personalised, no obligation quote, you can fill out the enquiry form or call us on 01922 645 646.

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