Stainless Steel Exhaust System from MIJ Exhaust Own Brand Collection for Peugeot 206

Direct Fit Peugeot 206 Exhaust System

Upgrade Your Peugeot 206 with a Handcrafted Stainless Steel Direct Fit Exhaust System from MIJ Exhaust Ltd!

Looking to enhance the performance and sound of your Peugeot 206? Look no further than MIJ Exhaust’s direct fit exhaust system, meticulously handcrafted at our Midlands-based facility using premium T304 stainless steel. Here’s why our exhaust systems stand out:

  • Durability: T304 stainless steel ensures long-lasting performance and resistance to corrosion, compared to mild steel.
  • Enhanced Performance: Our free-flowing exhaust design optimizes airflow, enhancing engine performance and efficiency.
  • Excellent Quality Material: Our system is meticulously crafted in-house using high-grade stainless steel, ensuring exceptional durability and longevity. Our commitment to quality extends beyond materials.


For this system, we offer customisable sound options. You can choose from two distinct sound setups for this system:

  • Mid-sport setup: Offers a low end sporty profile.
  • Full-sport setup: Delivered an attention-grabbing, aggressive exhaust note.

Direct Fit Design

Our direct fit exhaust system retains the same basic setup as the original equipment, ensuring a hassle-free installation process. Simply remove the old exhaust system and replace it with our premium stainless steel direct fit system – its that simple!

Fitting Information

Our exhaust system includes a knuckle jointed flange, this will fit just after the catalytic converter section on your car. This isn’t a standard flange, we have specially designed this flange to ensure a perfect fit. We recommend using the original, ring gasket  and springs from your old system to ensure a seamless connection.

You then bolt up the flange joints together on this two part system, use the hangers that are welded on the system to attach the rest of the exhaust to the vehicle and the tailpipe will be sitting perfectly in line with the bumper at the rear.

Expert Recommendation

While our exhaust system is straightforward to fit, we always advise professional installation, especially if the original system is severely corroded or damaged.

Customer Satisfaction and Global Reach

With thousands of satisfied customers across the UK, Europe and beyond, MIJ Exhaust Ltd has established a reputation for quality and performance. Our exhaust systems consistently receive rave reviews and deliver outstanding results.

Handcrafted Excellence

Each exhaust system is crafted in-house, ensuring meticulous attention to detail and quality. While manufacturing may take a few days, rest assured that the wait is well worth it for the exceptional performance and durability of our products.

Ready to upgrade your Peugeot 206 with a premium exhaust system?

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Full Direct Fit Stainless Steel Exhaust £220 incl. VAT

Technical Keypoints

  • For Petrol vehicles
  • Under axle system
  • For cars manufactured from 2001>
  • Made with 1.75” pipe work
  • Oval tailpipe – 4”w x 3”h
Exhaust System For Peugeot 206

Manufactured in High Quality Stainless Steel



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