MIJ are authorised dealers for Revo Technik upgrades. Revo Technik is one of the best performance chip tuning for VAG cars.

If your looking for performance gains, driveability, more power through the revs… REVO Technik is the product for you!!

Revo is uploaded via the factory OBD2 diagnostic port to rewrite the ECU code, transforming your car & and releasing its true potential. The serial port programming method allows us to reprogram the ECU without even raising the bonnet.
*Full OBD2 Serial Port programming that does not require ECU removal from the car*

No soldering on the ECU board or complex encryption circuit boards needed

Ability to switch performance levels simply by the diagnostic OBD2 Port

Variable boost and timing adjustments (on most 1.8T petrol models)

Anti Theft mode that disables the ECU (on most 1.8T petrol models)

Ability to revert back to standard at any time, either by an SPS device or permanently by a stock ‘re-flash’

*Applicable to most models please contact us to confirm this.


Model Standard Output Revo Output
Audi 1.8T 150bhp 212bhp
Audi TT/S3 210/225bhp 265bhp
Audi 1.9TDi 130bhp 180bhp
Audi RS4
(2.7Bi Turbo)
375bhp 430bhp
Audi RS6
(4.2Bi Turbo)
450bhp 515bhp
Seat Ibiza 1.8T 150bhp 212bhp
Seat Leon Cupra R 210bhp 265bhp
Skoda Octavia 1.8T 150bhp 212bhp
VW Golf/Bora/
Beetle 1.8T
150bhp 212bhp
VW Lupo TDi Sport 75bhp 110bhp
VW Passat TDi V6 180bhp 220bhp

If you are unsure that performance software is really suitable for your driving style, or indeed if you are the enthusiast that would like to test the revo difference against other software manufacturers, we offer you a free 5 hour trial period for your own vehicle!*

Our free trial software is uploaded into your vehicle in a matter of minutes via the factory OBD2 diagnostic port. It is activated for you to drive and test for 5 hours driving time at your own leisure and convenience for free. When the 5-hour trial period expires, the software reverts itself back to the factory level of performance. No further visits to the dealer are necessary.

Our confidence in this innovative product, allows us to freely demonstrate our software capability to you with the assurance of knowing that once tested, will convert you to one of the many people who have already chosen Revo software!

*Applicable to most models please contact us to confirm this.